Contractor Services

Managed Company Following the April 2007 changed in tax legislation, Managed Companies (often referred to as Umbrella companies) are no longer tax-efficient. We therefore no longer offer this service.
All Inclusive You have your own Limited Company and we undertake the administration. This service will keep you focused on your customer. It is best of both worlds with all the tax savings of a limited company but none of the administration.
Select You have your own Limited Company and choose from a menu of services. This is for the more experienced Limited Company contractor.
Business Plus You are entrepreneurial and want to expand the work that you do beyond contracting. Perhaps you want to grow the business and take on staff or maybe you want to invest in properties. You will need special attention and expert advice. After discussing your needs with one of our partners, we will design a package specifically for you. Please call us for further details.
Umbrella Following the April 2007, changed in tax legislation, Umbrella Companies (sometimes referred to as Managed Service Companies are no longer tax-efficient we therefore no longer offer this service.

Whichever service you choose, you will have unlimited free access to our telephone hotline.