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Advantages There are many advantages in running your own business but administrating it can be time consuming. Why permit yourself to be deluged in paper work. The solution is our ‘All Inclusive Service’. It’s the best of both worlds. You get all of the tax savings of a limited company and we take care of the chores. Although we cannot take away the responsibilities which being a director of your own limited company brings, we do everything we can to help & support to minimise the time you spend on administration. Our skilled and motivated staff coupled with our simple and efficient system will give you peace of mind knowing that your affairs are up to date and properly done. It will liberate you to address the essentials of serving your customer and planning for the future. How it works It is a quarterly reporting system whereby you send to us annotated bank statements and supporting documents (invoices etc) each month and we will:

  • »  Write up the accounting records.
  • »  Prepare the VAT returns.
  • »  Supply you with a summary of all transactions.
  • »  Prepare the company’s payroll and comply with all the year end PAYE returns and regulations.
  • »  At the end of your company’s accounting year we will prepare statutory accounts and tax computations and agree the companies liability with the inland revenue.
  • »  Undertake all of the company secretarial duties.
  • »  Prepare your personal self assessment tax return.
  • »  Provide a telephone hot line to support your business activities throughout the year.

The benefits:

  • »  Operating through a limited company is the most tax efficient method available under current legislation. By paying a low salary and taking any remaining monies as dividends you minimise your liability to PAYE and national insurance. Although the company will have to pay corporation tax instead this is at lower rates.
  • »  We minimise the time you spend on administration.
  • »  The service is available immediately.

So why not let our friendly team take the strain?  Call us NOW on 0121 778 6278

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