Experienced contractors may wish to undertake some of the administration of the company themselves. You may, for example, wish to write up the accounting records and prepare the VAT returns or do your own self assessment tax return.

For you we have a menu of services from which you can select the services that suit your needs. You can change this selection at any time.

Our basic limited company service includes; a telephone help line to deal with any queries: registration for PAYE and VAT where appropriate; provision of a free limited company; opening your company’s bank account; preparation of year end accounts from the accounting records which you keep (we will show you our preferred method); agreeing the corporation tax liability based on those accounts; the preparation of abbreviated accounts for Companies House; advice, help and support to your company throughout its life.

You can select further services from the list below:

  • »  Book-keeping and VAT returns
  • »  Payroll preparation
  • »  Deemed salary calculation if liable to IR35
  • »  Preparation of your personal self assessment tax returns
  • »  Completion of P11D
  • »  Personal Tax Planning


  • »  You can undertake as much or as little of the administration as you wish, and this can be varied by you at any time.
  • »  You operate through a limited company which is the most tax efficient method available.
  • »  The service is available immediately.

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