A guide to IR35

The government introduced legislation commonly known as ‘IR35’ to stop what they saw as abuse of the taxation system by individuals operating through their own limited companies.

The legislation applies where you work for a client through your company, but had you been working directly for them, you would have been treated as an employee rather than self employed.

Each contract that your company enters into has to be judged to see if it falls within the scope of the legislation. If it does, you will have to pay PAYE and National Insurance on the income received on these contracts, less certain allowable deductions.
Your after tax income will be higher if you are not liable to IR35 and many clients can avoid it with our help.

At Lowson Ward we can help you in the following ways:

1.    Advise on whether you currently pass or fail IR35.

2.    Advise on the steps to be taken to be outside IR35.

3.    Even if you are liable to IR35, we can structure your affairs in the most tax efficient way to maximise your take home pay.

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